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The Invitation May 30, 2007

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Check out this video (link on right side bar).  Certainly, this is the most creative invitation I’ve seen in a long time.  When I got married I think I actually considered the “puzzle” option myself…LOL!  I love a creative invitation that “Wows” the guest about an event from the moment they open the envelope.  It’s at that very moment that the tone for the evening is set and the anticipation begins.

While an animation invitation may not be available for everyone….another creative choice can be found through “The Invitation Lady”.  Check her out on-line: . Quite creative.



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Well, it brings us great joy that we are going through construction with such a “master”.  Our General Contractor has been amazing to work with.  Alex Westwood of A. Westwood Construction.  Originally from Romania, Alex brings his “old-world skill and charm” to our historic renovation/preservation project.  Years of experience remodeling historic castles in europe and now historic buildings in the U.S. we are honored to have him heading up our construction team.

We are following Alex’s guidance on key construction updates and preservation techniques.  We recently replaced 6,000 square feet of roof trusses to ensure a stable roof line on the east side of the building.  This is also the side where we allow professional event designers to hang decor from the ceiling.  This new roof will ensure stable and secure hang-points.  We are thrilled that we were able to preserve an additional 6,000 square feet of historic tin ceiling on the other half of the building.  The tins were in immaculate condition and will look stunning with the interior designers recommendation of a platinum silver finish.

We also exposed historic brick in the art gallery space.  Unlike the red brick of the East Coast that we are so used to seeing…this is Arizona “clay” brick and brings a beautiful soft red clay hue.  The iron gates for the grand gated entrance are being custom built as we speak…stay tuned for more construction updates.