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Construction Update 6-23-2007 June 23, 2007

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Alex is on a roll!  He makes the magnitude of this construction project seem like baking a cake.  The old concrete in the courtyard was dug up by a HUGE jackhammer.  You know a jackhammer is going to get through anything when you have to DRIVE it!  The new lines of the facades and parapets are up…and we can now see the cutout at the top of the building where the Inspirador logo will go.  The custom iron logo is being completed as we speak…along with the iron gates and doors.  The new concrete for the courtyard and the new fireplace move along quickly this week.  All of the structural work is almost complete.  Ahhh….I loved demolition…but this stage is EXCITING!


Construction Update June 3, 2007

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This week things start to shape up! The new roof is in and the courtyard has a view of the beautiful Arizona sky.  The main reception room starts to take form this week as all trades show up to the site on Monday morning.  This means full steam ahead for moving towards completion.  Ahh…it’s going to be a busy week and we are looking forward to it all!


Preferred Vendor Lists

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Well, for all of the brides I have the pleasure of speaking with.  The topic of “Preferred Vendor Lists” always comes up.  We know it’s the industry norm…but is it the best solution?  There are pros and there are cons.  What are your thoughts and experiences with the “required” Preferred Vendor List?  I would love to hear from you! drop me an email at with subject line: preferred vendor.  Your feedback will be rewarded with a $10 gift card to the upcoming Inspiration Lounge and Boutique.