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Construction Update June 3, 2007

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This week things start to shape up! The new roof is in and the courtyard has a view of the beautiful Arizona sky.  The main reception room starts to take form this week as all trades show up to the site on Monday morning.  This means full steam ahead for moving towards completion.  Ahh…it’s going to be a busy week and we are looking forward to it all!


3 Responses to “Construction Update”

  1. inca07 Says:

    Wow I cant wait to see the final touches of Inspirador!

  2. ayms Says:

    The excitement is intense! Once I saw the logo cut-out on the front of the building I was squealing with delight. Ahhhh!!!! Can’t wait to open those INSPIRADOR doors. It will be amazing…..

  3. Yay for blogging! Can’t wait to read more!

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