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How to Blog July 11, 2007

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Okay, okay, it’s true…I’m just learning how to blog!!!  All those years in the tech industry and blogging seems more intimidating than running into Bill Gates in the halls of Microsoft Headquarters…my alma mater.  But it was not Bill who calmed my nerves of blogging…no, no, no.  It was two lovely ladies in the wedding industry who spoke about blogging as though it were a saving grace gifted to the World Wide Web.  Now, I am still not completely sure if I am blogging to protocol or if anything I write is actually of any interest after 1 a.m.  But that’s okay, because it was these two ladies that held the concept of blogging in such high esteem–that well–they had me intrigued.  I was intrigued by their commitment to blogging and their genuine passion to do it well, creatively, and thoughtfully.

I really felt as though they had taken me under their blogging wings and I was “saved”!  Allow me to introduce you to my blogging mentors: Liene Stevens of Blue Orchid Weddings and Melissa Jill, Photographer  Both of whom happen to be PHENOMENAL event professionals.  You really should check these two ladies out…they are talented!  I am certainly looking forward to seeing more of their work and reading their blogs.  Cheers ladies!


4 Responses to “How to Blog”

  1. You will be great at this!

  2. melissajill Says:

    I’m SO proud :)…

    What a beautiful blog! So fun to see you last night! Feel free to steal some photos from my blog if you want to post them here :).

  3. wow! we are so glad you ladies are blogging. we can’t wait to learn more from you! we can’t wait to check up on you and inspirador!

    angie + matt sloan

  4. kimjarman Says:

    How exciting tha tyou are keeping a blog!! It was great meeting you ladies at the Wedding Chronicle Party!! Can’t wait to see the new place and do my wedding in March!!!:)

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