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T’z Marketplace and Wine Bar August 29, 2007

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Okay, so T’z Marketplace in Downtown Chandler is usually where you’ll find me escaping from the heat of construction and the commotion of the day.  I run to T’z because Tonya Grubb the Owner is cool, great to hang out with, and she carries an AMAZING selection of wines, cheese, and gourmet edibles.  She is planning an outstanding Luxury Wine Tasting Room in the back of the store and soon she’ll be re-opening her much acclaimed Deli.  Not just any deli…this is a deli on gourmet steroids and it is DIVINE!  I can’t wait.  Oh, and MANY CONGRATULATIONS…because T’z Marketplace was voted BEST WINE BAR by Phoenix Magazine.

I love how she can put an entire gift basket of edible delights together for any occassion and she is so wonderful at personalizing the basket for the recipient.  Oh, that’s a lucky person who gets one of those.  So cheers Tonya and thanks for all the cool refreshing drinks! 

PS…get on the list for invites to really amazing wine tasting events…they are a blast:

PSS…nice “shot” Sloans!



I Got Tagged! August 27, 2007

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Best Wedding Planner

OMG!  I can’t believe I got TAGGED!!!  Voted 2007 Event Planner of the Year: Cicely Rocha-Miller, Owner of Life Design Events (and one of our all time favorites and friend who you’ll be hearing tons more about soon) TAGGED ME!  I got tagged to reveal 8 fun facts about me…YIKES!  Then I’m supposed to tag 8 other bloggers…but the few bloggers I do know have already been tagged!  Does this mean that I have broken a chain command? Uh-oh…here we go: 

1. I think it’s funny when Cicely laughs at Borat jokes!
2. Art! Architecture! Design! Photography! Food! Film! Can’t get enough of it…and always crave more of it.
3. I love an 18 year old scotch on a cold night.  Macallan preferrably

4. I walked down the aisle to the song: At Last by Etta James…I couldn’t wait until the reception and I enjoyed every step I took.
5. I don’t drive a fancy car…I drive a 2001 VW Passat…and I don’t like waiting for a car wash…so, it’s usually dusty. One of my girlfriends always has the newest Porsche on the market and she always offers to drive…I wonder why? LOL! …Horrible!
. My favorite color can only be found in my husbands eyes.  (Mushy–but true!) I could stare into them and get lost every time.  Plus he makes me laugh every time!
7. I love to see my 1.5 year old daughter wake up in her crib every morning…she wakes up smiling and singing “A2A”…a little song she made up on her own.  I sing it myself all day long…it’s really catchy.
8. In my NYC days I was an Ayn Rand junkie…and “Objectivist” wanna-be…(Glad to see Melissa Jill just read Atlas Shrugged). Now that I’m a “bit” older it’s nice to know that the world isn’t as black and white as my young days thought and that life is meant to be lived and guided in ways we can never imagine.  Thank God! 


A Day of Art or Work? August 26, 2007

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A day of art, fine food, music, wine, and good company:  That was a day at the office for us two weeks ago as we had the pleasure and honor of spending the afternoon with an amazing artist (who’s name we will keep as a surprise for now ;-).  His works were beautifully saturated in color and meaning.  We couldn’t stop drooling!!!  This most interesting artist will be exhibiting a solo show at Tryst Art Gallery @ Inspirador early 2008 and we are delighted to showcase his works.   This artist in his own right is acclaimed…he just happens to be the son of a world class artist who has been commissioned by kings, queens, and celebrities of the world…and Princess Grace of Monaco herself once hung these masterworks on the walls of her “humble abode” as well.  –Not a bad day at the office 🙂


Okay, we tend to dig all things “classic”…so if you were too young to know who Princess Grace was…check out the video for a little inspiration–ENJOY 😉


The Aisle of Poetry August 25, 2007

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I had a moment to admire the images for the “Aisle of Poetry” a few weeks ago.  There was a particular quote that caused me to pause and linger over the meaning.  It was a quote by Aristotle and it so simply defined how I feel about my husband.  There’s not always a simple description of the bond two people can share…but this little blurb was lovely to admire…

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” ~ Aristotle ~


AUGUST Construction Update

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So much has happened…we’ve barely had time to sit still.  The exteriors of Inspirador are scheduled to complete this week…exterior stucco, paint, new custom storefront windows, glass, GRAND iron gates and a beautiful fireplace have all been installed and things have really taken shape.  It’s been so exciting to see those familiar computer renderings come to life in a 3D way and we’re really looking forward to the final walk through. 

What else has happened?  I know I’m leaving things out.  Ah, yes…the exciting yet unglamorous happenings have been finishing up too like: sprinklers, electrical, hvac, plumbing, studs, drywall.  Oh, and the light fixtures…those are fun…more details coming soon.  Even better, first walk throughs for pre-registered brides coming SOONER!