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A Day of Art or Work? August 26, 2007

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A day of art, fine food, music, wine, and good company:  That was a day at the office for us two weeks ago as we had the pleasure and honor of spending the afternoon with an amazing artist (who’s name we will keep as a surprise for now ;-).  His works were beautifully saturated in color and meaning.  We couldn’t stop drooling!!!  This most interesting artist will be exhibiting a solo show at Tryst Art Gallery @ Inspirador early 2008 and we are delighted to showcase his works.   This artist in his own right is acclaimed…he just happens to be the son of a world class artist who has been commissioned by kings, queens, and celebrities of the world…and Princess Grace of Monaco herself once hung these masterworks on the walls of her “humble abode” as well.  –Not a bad day at the office 🙂


Okay, we tend to dig all things “classic”…so if you were too young to know who Princess Grace was…check out the video for a little inspiration–ENJOY 😉


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