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Drinking from Glass September 11, 2007

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There is this little jewel in the middle of Downtown Chandler owned by a jewel of a couple: Peter and Sigrid Sciacca.  Their story is a bit romantic, a little comedic, and delightfully intriguing.  There are so many layers to the name, the couple, and the stunning glassware that is showcased in their treasure of a store…that it is worth going back over and over again. 

Drinking from glass $1.50…drinking from DiSciacca glass — Priceless!

DiSciacca Goblets


One Response to “Drinking from Glass”

  1. theinvitationlady Says:

    Love diSciacca glassware! I purchased an infuser there as a gift for my friend for her infamous Sangria and headed back to get myself one! They have such a variety and their prices are extremely reasonable!

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