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Chandeliers and Candle Light September 13, 2007

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The construction fencing has been removed!!!  BIG progress and nothing but FOCUS on completing the interiors…the fun part 😉  We really hope you will like some of our last minute design changes…just a few little tweaks here and there.  For instance; we had planned for chandeliers in the larger reception room…but then got inspired by the thought of candle light.   So, instead of chandeliers that we could find in any hotel ballroom…we opted for a FOREST OF CANDLE LIGHT hanging from the ceiling rafters.  There will literally be hundreds of crystal “candles” suspended in mid air throughout the ceiling in Reception — flickering, swaying, gleaming. 

Candle Light

P.S. for Liene 😉 Pictures coming next week…after a mini photo shoot of the building <g>


4 Responses to “Chandeliers and Candle Light”

  1. love the candle idea and can’t wait for the pics!

  2. cicelyisabel Says:

    It’s going to be breathtaking. So excited D!

  3. sophisticatedshindigs Says:

    Fabulous choice…not as if you would do anything otherwise. It’s like floating candles.

  4. jayanddrea Says:

    Anyone seen the Harry Potter movies? Our flower girl pointed out the resemblance to the magic flying candles at Hogwarts:)

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