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Ready To Add Color! September 21, 2007

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This is probably one of our favorite construction updates since we have great progress to report and a few pictures to share 🙂  The exterior of Inspirador was completed a few weeks ago and now (after a mad-rush weekend of round the clock contractors) the interiors are just about ready too!  Inspirador is ready for her final interior paint colors and finishes.  The pictures on this slideshow were shot on Saturday and since then all drywall, insulation, heating/cooling and more was completed.  So CLOSE!


5 Responses to “Ready To Add Color!”

  1. Hooray for pictures!:) It is going to look stunning when it’s finished!

  2. cicelyisabel Says:

    Borat says, “Very nice, Very nice”

  3. sophisticatedshindigs Says:

    And just think…I get to see it on Wednesday! 🙂 Dreams really do come true…

  4. jayanddrea Says:

    Hi Dilia, it’s Andrea…the pictures are a great sneak preview! J and I are so excited to see the final product(and get married there), everything looks beautiful!!

  5. looks great! we are getting excited!

    matt + angie sloan

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