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Tryst Art Gallery Hosts 1st Art Exhibit! November 16, 2007

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Tryst Art Gallery announces its first exhibit:Memories in Motion:
The art of Michael Van Patten

Do you recall a moment when a subtle scent conjured up images of a moment once forgotten.  Have you ever stood in a new space and felt as though you had been there once before?  No, not déjà vu! –Memories in Motion–.  Tryst Art Gallery introduces its inaugural solo exhibit with the works of Michael Van Patten.  Originally from Seattle, WA by way of New York City to now San Francisco, CA; Michael Van Patten has been on the collector’s radar for decades.  He is featured in the corporate collections of Ogilvy & Mathers Worldwide as well as private collections nationally and abroad. Something immediate, graphic, and organically familiar beckons the viewer to go beyond their identifications.  These are works that explore the unseen rhythms and nature of the body, the cellular memories and harmonies that lie just below the surface.  Whimsical, soothing and colorful, I create these works as a reminder of the natural flow and wisdom inherent in our bodies, not our minds. With an emphasis on nurturing, stillness and quiet repose these works can also serve as a mandala for the viewer to access their own revelatory journey.”   -Michael Van Patten-

012a Three Blind MiceVisit Tryst Art Gallery at 63 E. Boston Street in Historic Downtown Chandler or call to visit (888) 638-2671.  For more information and details contact Amy Marvin, Creative Director ( )


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