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WEN (Wedding Event Network) December 21, 2007

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Wedding Event Network
Thursday, December 27, 2007
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
BRIDES MUST RSVP: or 888.638.2671

In case you are among the teary eyed who saw a shiny diamond this holiday season…grab your bling and come rub elbows with some valley wedding professionals. They’ll be mingling at Inspirador for an industry network gathering. So, if you’re curious to start meeting some of the folks that could help bring your wedding dreams to life…just RSVP before the event and we’ll save a fabulous spot for you!

RSVP: (WEN Event) or 888.638.2671

A few other goodies you’ll get to see that evening:
-Light Fare and Wine
-Wedding Gowns
-Furniture Rentals
-DJ Services
-and MORE!



Hire A Wedding Planner! December 11, 2007

We LOVE independent Wedding Planners and Event Designers! Regardless of where you get married and regardless of whether or not your venue has an “in-house” coordinator…consider hiring your very own “wedding stylist”…it’s SO much fun! Amy thought of 10 top reasons why she wished she had hired one when she got married:




Top Ten Reasons You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

By Amy (wish I had one when I got married) Marvin

  1. Consultations: Most planners do not charge for an initial consultation. Give them a call to see how they can help! You don’t lose anything; if anything you gain some ideas and maybe an advocate for planning your big day.
  2. Services: Planners will share with you their “menu” of services. It can be “Full-Service” or anything from initial planning of your theme or colors, to assisting you with drafting a budget, and of course the “day of” service, so you and your family & friends can fully enjoy your wedding day.
  3. Budget: An extension of the services menu is budget. To stay within your monetary boundaries, planners will work with you to best meet your goals and hopefully get the most “bang” for your buck.
  4. Resources: Why go all around town, making your head spin when you can tap into your planner for vendor recommendations. Not too impressed by their list, or looking for something different? —Your planner will make every effort to help you find it.
  5. Theme: You have likely spent your entire life up to this point, envisioning the perfect wedding with that special someone. Your planner can help you fill in the gaps by providing some ideas that you may not have thought of, and take your dream wedding “to the next level”.
  6. Organizational Skills: I have yet to meet a planner who didn’t possess some level of amazing organizational skills. You’ll want someone to keep you on task…planning a wedding is no easy feat, especially if you are organizationally challenged. (Like I was! —Ok, I still have my ADHD moments.)
  7. Time Management: Let’s face it. Who has extra time anymore? Yeah, you’re getting married, but you’re probably also working, or going to school, or both—and more! Your planner can save you precious time by making the phone calls, coordinating meetings, drafting contracts, etc.
  8. Guest Care & Accommodations: Your planner can help you with your out of town guests. Details such as travel, car rental, entertainment, and hotel accommodations will be helpful to your weary traveling guests.
  9. Worry-Free Wedding Day: Did I mention “Day-Of” services? Believe me when I say that you need to be free of the nagging details of hosting a major event. You are the bride, you should be primping, preening, and gazing into the eyes of your new spouse, not directing the caterers to take out the trash or reminding the guest book girl to keep her feet off the table.
  10. SANITY: And the number one reason again? Keep your sanity, and enjoy the process of planning a wedding. Your Wedding Planner will be there every step of the way, and provide you the joy you deserve at this special time in your life…. who knows, you’ll likely end up with another best friend!

Tonight Will Change Another Woman’s Life! December 5, 2007

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We’ve been talking about this incredible organization NEST for some time now. When you receive an invitation to participate in a charitable effort do you ever wonder what REALLY happens with those “proceeds”? What can 10-25% of a sale REALLY do to impact change? A LOT! I specifically asked Rebecca Kousky, Founder and Owner of Nest this very question. Here’s what she said:

“Reaching our goal of $2,000 would enable Nest to provide a woman like Meral more than a loan, it would allow us to give her business training, assist her with product development, provide one-on-one counseling and open a western market for her hand-crafted merchandise. Nest is more than a bank and more than a microfinance lender; Nest is about helping women become self-sufficient business owners, so that they can support themselves and their families into the future. When women are given the opportunity to earn a steady income, their social standing improves, resulting in more stable families and communities.”

Wow! A goal of only $2,000.00. This is easy!…we all shop anyway…and when we get that thrill from shopping…that giddy feeling when we find just the right item…what if that giddy feeling trickled out and made someone else’s life a little better too. That’s what tonight is about and 1/2 of this evenings efforts are being SPONSORED by: Kristina Arias of Keller Williams Intergrity First . Kristina helps families locally find their own “NEST” and she is a Top Producing Real Estate Agent with a passion for INTEGRITY. Her incredible generosity for this evening is INSPIRING and we are so glad she will be joining us this tonight. Stop by and say, “hi!” to Kristina and meet an artist she’s excited about showcasing this evening.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the SUPPORTERS and VENDORS for this evening. Your thoughtfulness and time are greatly appreciated and we look forward to a lovely evening with you all!


Fire & Ice! December 4, 2007

Wow! What an evening we had last week hosting the 2nd Annual ISES Fire & Ice Gala for 100+ industry professionals. We sure are proud members of this creative group of professionals 🙂 Impressive teams of lighting, staging, and design professionals pulled together to showcase a theme of Fire & Ice throughout the Inspirador venue.

The evening was FILLED with jaw dropping activities. An EXPLOSIVE live art performance by the famous Michael Ostaski (who frequently performs live in Las Vegas for top crowds) captured the audience’s attention. He simply dips his hands in paint and right before your eyes he creates large scale portraits of famous people like the John Lennon he did for us. A dynamic live auction by MASTER Auctioneer Rowlan Hill raised some impressive $ for ISES…very nice! He’s a power house of fun to watch during bidding. We were really thrilled to see the tremendous work and support the evening sponsors contributed to pulling off a wonderful event:

Encore Creative!
Shadow Mountain Productions
AZ Party Wizards Catering
Got Your Covered Entertainment
Kool Party Rentals
Pour Masters
Barh Photography
Andrews Party Rentals

*special thank you to LIGHT RAIN IMAGES Photography for these great shots!

It’s been an exciting year watching the first ISES AZ Chapter grow and blossom so successfully…thanks to the hard work and dedication of a great team including: Melissa, Storey, Connie, Kerrell, Julie, and so many more. A member and good friend; Julie Clemins from BBJ Linens will be returning back home to Milwaukee. Cheers Julie! You know we miss you already!

What a group! What an evening! Thanks to all!


Lisa Chun is Coming to Town! December 3, 2007

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Lisa Chun is one of over a dozen talented artist/designers who will be participating in our NEST: Shop To Save The World event.  It’s one night only…so make sure you make it out to meet this wonderful artist.  She’s an artist, photographer, and poet.  We’ve been admiring Lisa’s work for some time now and we are really excited that she’ll be traveling from Santa Fe, NM to Chandler to participate in this worthy evening.  You will be thrilled with the thoughtfulness that Lisa puts into her art and products and so will the lucky person who receives her work as a gift.  A percentage of all proceeds from the evening go directly to Nest to help women around the world. 



Open House for Brides THIS WEDNESDAY!

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While this Wednesday we are hosting a special evening for Nest and the Shop To Save The World evening.  It is also time for the Inspirador Open House.  This is the time we invite brides-to-be, their friends and family to visit our new facility and enjoy the charming walking district of Historic Downtown Chandler during its monthly Art Walk.

This month during Open House the creative inspiration behind Life Design Event Planning Cicely will be showcasing her company, style, and services.  This is high energy design for the bride who wants to see something cleverly unique for her dream day.  Before you start planning your wedding…take the time to stop by and see what Cicely is all about.  You might just have your dreams come true!  Bring your friends…it’s worth the trip 🙂