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Tonight Will Change Another Woman’s Life! December 5, 2007

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We’ve been talking about this incredible organization NEST for some time now. When you receive an invitation to participate in a charitable effort do you ever wonder what REALLY happens with those “proceeds”? What can 10-25% of a sale REALLY do to impact change? A LOT! I specifically asked Rebecca Kousky, Founder and Owner of Nest this very question. Here’s what she said:

“Reaching our goal of $2,000 would enable Nest to provide a woman like Meral more than a loan, it would allow us to give her business training, assist her with product development, provide one-on-one counseling and open a western market for her hand-crafted merchandise. Nest is more than a bank and more than a microfinance lender; Nest is about helping women become self-sufficient business owners, so that they can support themselves and their families into the future. When women are given the opportunity to earn a steady income, their social standing improves, resulting in more stable families and communities.”

Wow! A goal of only $2,000.00. This is easy!…we all shop anyway…and when we get that thrill from shopping…that giddy feeling when we find just the right item…what if that giddy feeling trickled out and made someone else’s life a little better too. That’s what tonight is about and 1/2 of this evenings efforts are being SPONSORED by: Kristina Arias of Keller Williams Intergrity First . Kristina helps families locally find their own “NEST” and she is a Top Producing Real Estate Agent with a passion for INTEGRITY. Her incredible generosity for this evening is INSPIRING and we are so glad she will be joining us this tonight. Stop by and say, “hi!” to Kristina and meet an artist she’s excited about showcasing this evening.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the SUPPORTERS and VENDORS for this evening. Your thoughtfulness and time are greatly appreciated and we look forward to a lovely evening with you all!


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