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Pictures from the WEN (Wedding Event Network) January 7, 2008

We had a great time hosting last months WEN networking event . What a great group of PROS! It’s always nice to see such inspiring professionals in the industry. Thank you to all who joined us for the evening. The turn out was quite NICE!

Our chef for the evening Marc Panis from Dragonfly Cafe in Scottsdale put together a truly delicious menu. Thank you Chef Marc you are a true JOY to work with ALWAYS! Jack @ sent over some VERY KOOL PARTY RENTALS! Yes, that’s “KOOL” with a “K” and some stylish leather sofas we love to see in the gallery. Thank you Jack…you are AWESOME! Deb at ALWAYS shines through and set up a beautiful display for trirentals…we loved the ICE CHIAVARI chairs.

Our neighborhood crew from Historic Downtown Chandler a.k.a. DOCHA VIDA were AMAZING! Pete and Jere from Images Salon and Day Spa stopped by and offered our guests free chair massages to help ward off some holiday stresses. They had quite a line up. Tonia and Diane from Uptown Bridal showed off a gorgeous gown, tux, and flower girl dress on the Aisle of Poetry. Julie from InPockets Bakery dropped off some incredibly delicious cakes, monogrammed cookies, tarts, and cream puffs…very pretty too. And the “Paparrazzi Team” from Light Rain Images captured all of these moments we are sharing here. THANK YOU DOCHA VIDA!

We had a great deal of support for the evening…thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYONE:

Jack @
Deb @ Tri-Rentals
Pete and Jere @ Images Salon and Day Spa
Diane and Tonia @ Uptown Brides
Julie @ InPockets Bakery
Hinrich @ Kabloom
Sam & Will @ Light Rain Images
Dave @ Pourmasters



One Response to “Pictures from the WEN (Wedding Event Network)”

  1. beautifuldayfilms Says:

    We had such an awesome time at the event!! Thanks so much for hosting.

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