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“An Evening In Paris” September 30, 2008

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For “An Evening In Paris”
Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
Tryst Art Gallery @ Inspirador
63 E. Boston Street
Historic Downtown Chandler
Chandler, AZ 85225
(888) 638-2671

It’s time for the monthly Historic Downtown Chandler Artwalk and the weather is just perfect for us to join in the activities once again.  Join us for an evening of art, music, and fine wine.  An artist reception will take place at Tryst Art Gallery from 5pm – 9pm during the artwalk.  This event is open to the public and we would love to see you there.

Artist Rhea Ashcraft will be our featured artist for the month of October as we explore “An Evening In Paris”.  The evening is an abstract and subliminal visit to France featuring “Color Fields” from France in Rhea’s artwork, fine French wine complimented with artisan cheeses, and live cello music.  Meet Rhea and enjoy an evening of art and inspiration.  Also, visit the Inspirador sidewalk during artwalk for a group of Scottsdale women artists showcasing their works. 

A percentage of proceeds from the evening will be donated to Circle L Ranch a sanctuary for animals who would otherwise be euthanized. Also, stop by the retail boutique for a SNEAK PEAK at a new launch for the store and receive a 10% Discount off your purchase during artwalk night. 



What’s Brewing? September 25, 2008

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Something very cool is brewing in Downtown Chandler!  Our favorite brewery is hosting an “official” OKTOBERFEST.  Just a short 1/2 block walk from INSPIRADOR and you can visit the Oktoberfest Beer Garden and sample brews from “masters” valley-wide including: Four Peaks, BJ’s Brewery, Rock Bottom Brewery, Gordon Biersch (to name a few).  Most of all Master Brewer Anthony Cannechia from SanTan Brewery will be unveiling his much anticipated seasonal brew for the festival.  Ahhhh…so very much worth the trip!  Also, if you’re not too shy (like we are!) go ahead and try to win $4,000.00 by entering the “maiden” contest (we won’t judge 😉  Drag out the bachelors and bachelorettes and start brainstorming how you’ll celebrate those last single days.  See you Saturday!

PS. for some strange reason OKTOBERFEST is in September…so don’t miss it!


Hey, Taxi! September 22, 2008

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Imagine the convenience of stepping outside your local bar or restaurant and sticking your hand in the air and a “chauffeur” instantly pulls up to whisk you off to your desired destination.  Now imagine that “chauffeur” is available anytime, day or night.  Not good enough?  Okay, he has a tv in the back seat for your entertainment and daily dose of news, weather, and music…oh, and by the way you can swipe your credit/debit card on the side of the tv and pay your “chauffeur” instantly for his/her services. 

Okay…the truth is this is the newest (to most of us) way you can hail a taxi in New York City.  It’s BRILLIANT! COME ON…SERIOUSLY…why can’t we have this EVERYWHERE?  Oh…the convenience. 

Well, we don’t have this “luxury” here in the dessert…but we have something worth considering for your next event or tour around town.  Designated Driver Services Valleywide…one of our favorites you should know about:


Sparkling Eyes! September 20, 2008

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It’s Friday night and you’re thinking what am I going to wear tonight?!?!.  Certainly some “bling” would be nice…so you grab your contact lens case and pop in a pair of Swarovski Crystal Contact Lenses?  WHAT!!!!????  It’s true…and “SPARKLING EYES” take on a whole new meaning with this designer line of contact lenses. Maybe we’ll save these for the holiday parties we’ll be hitting.

Designer Anthony Mallier designed these daring beauties…and in his own words:
“Swarovski has been synonymous with adding that extra `sparkle’ to everyday life. Swarovski crystals have the power to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary through their sheer brilliance. `Sparkle’ is one such attempt to enhance the expression of one of our most expressive features: our eyes. Sparkling eyes have long been an expression of natural beauty. With Swarovski crystals fused into contact lenses, your eyes can sparkle like they’ve never sparkled before!”


Meet Us! September 19, 2008

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Thank you to the many brides, grooms, and families who joined us this evening for our Open House.  This was a Limited Open House and we’ll be sure to do it again soon…it’s a great simple way to come for ideas and meet and greet some amazing professionals without feeling like you’re at a tradeshow.  Just a fun evening of food, wine, good design, and great company. 

The design for the evening was created by Julie Levy of Sophisticated Shindigs.  Julie showcased a sleek palette of navy blue, crisp white, and chartreuse green.  GORGEOUS!!  If you’d like to get on the invite list for our next Meet & Greet Open House…definitely contact Amy Marvin, Creative Director for Inspirador ( ).  Amy truly helped pull off a beautiful evening and coordinated a wonderful event.  With some great support from a team of amazing industry pros we saw simple and elegant concepts for table design, centerpieces, photo albums, invitations, menus, programs, and so much more.  All complimented with a delicious culinary sampling from Chef Nick and wine tasting with Tonya.

If you missed our Open House tonight…no worries.  Lilett from Light Rain Images Photography captured a few shots for the evening.  Lilett and Glenn from Light Rain certainly showed off some great ideas for engagement and wedding albums…cool, fun, creative .  What a wonderful night for all of us. We truly enjoyed meeting the many brides, grooms and families this evening who joined us at Inspirador.  We look forward to meeting again…CHEERS until next time!

photos courtesy of: Light Rain Images  (click image to enlarge)

Many THANKS to all our vendors who were able to meet and greet our guests tonight including:

-Sophisticated Shindigs
-Life Design Event Planning 
-Chef Nick
-Light Rain Images
-The Invitation Lady
-Uptown Bridal Boutique
-A Wedding Occassion Floral


A Blue Orchid and A Junebug…How Lovely! September 18, 2008

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We happen to know this amazing blogger Liene from Blue Orchid .  She’s a blogging machine and always worth the read.  She’s the blogger who inspires us to blog…but she’s a tough one to keep up with.  This summer Liene was a guest blogger on a very cool site: Junebug Weddings- .  Her blog WOW’d us…great photographs too!

Junebug is a trio of girlfriends who are all very hip photographers from the Seattle scene with a keen eye for design, aesthetics, and weddings.  It’s such a cool concept that they are photographers AND event planners.  We love the idea of this becasue it makes so much sense–your planner is already “picturing” every moment and every detail.  You know those shots are going to be GORGEOUS!

Come visit us in the dessert Junebug…anytime!  Thanks Liene for cool blog!


What is EXQUISITE to you? September 17, 2008

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Here’s a little NYC memory from summer break.  When a dear friend kindly offered to buy dinner at one of 2 restaurants…we jumped on option #2: Petrossian’s! 

It was a dream come true…the architecture of the building, the “exquisite” menu, the service, the ambiance…ahh…only in New York (okay…and the Bellagio in Las Vegas too) <g>

Dinner and (confession: the caviar and Petrossian Vodka) was truly exquisite.  Mouth watering actually.  Not everyone enjoys “fish eggs”…and we completely understand.  But for those who like to indulge there is the ultimate caviar lover’s gift at Petrossian’s.  For only $2,095.00 they’ll ship it directly to your loved ones’ front door.  Isn’t that nice 😉   Makes you question…hmmm…couldn’t I fly to New York, hire a taxi, and enjoy the same caviar at the restaurant for that much?  Perhaps.

More importantly…it’s not about caviar or the price tag it may be known for.  It’s the idea of EXQUISITE and what it evokes, the attention to detail, the joyful awareness of every experience.  Exquisite can be as simple as time alone together…so think about it…what will make your next celebration EXQUISITE!?!?