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What is EXQUISITE to you? September 17, 2008

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Here’s a little NYC memory from summer break.  When a dear friend kindly offered to buy dinner at one of 2 restaurants…we jumped on option #2: Petrossian’s! 

It was a dream come true…the architecture of the building, the “exquisite” menu, the service, the ambiance…ahh…only in New York (okay…and the Bellagio in Las Vegas too) <g>

Dinner and (confession: the caviar and Petrossian Vodka) was truly exquisite.  Mouth watering actually.  Not everyone enjoys “fish eggs”…and we completely understand.  But for those who like to indulge there is the ultimate caviar lover’s gift at Petrossian’s.  For only $2,095.00 they’ll ship it directly to your loved ones’ front door.  Isn’t that nice 😉   Makes you question…hmmm…couldn’t I fly to New York, hire a taxi, and enjoy the same caviar at the restaurant for that much?  Perhaps.

More importantly…it’s not about caviar or the price tag it may be known for.  It’s the idea of EXQUISITE and what it evokes, the attention to detail, the joyful awareness of every experience.  Exquisite can be as simple as time alone together…so think about it…what will make your next celebration EXQUISITE!?!? 


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