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Hey, Taxi! September 22, 2008

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Imagine the convenience of stepping outside your local bar or restaurant and sticking your hand in the air and a “chauffeur” instantly pulls up to whisk you off to your desired destination.  Now imagine that “chauffeur” is available anytime, day or night.  Not good enough?  Okay, he has a tv in the back seat for your entertainment and daily dose of news, weather, and music…oh, and by the way you can swipe your credit/debit card on the side of the tv and pay your “chauffeur” instantly for his/her services. 

Okay…the truth is this is the newest (to most of us) way you can hail a taxi in New York City.  It’s BRILLIANT! COME ON…SERIOUSLY…why can’t we have this EVERYWHERE?  Oh…the convenience. 

Well, we don’t have this “luxury” here in the dessert…but we have something worth considering for your next event or tour around town.  Designated Driver Services Valleywide…one of our favorites you should know about:


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