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Mint Anyone? October 9, 2008

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While we were blogging about luxurious and extravagant desires in the world last week…the economy continued to flop like a wet fish.  We also got to hear the word “Maverick” used over and over again…ahhh…to be a maverick <g>

It’s true we are experiencing historic impacts to our economy and perhaps a seemingly concerning time for our country.  We thought it might be nice to share a little reprieve from the negativity.  While we can’t control every moving part of our world economy we certainly can wrap our arms around our own “micro-economies”.  Hats off to our “maverick” of the day; Aaron Patzer, Founder and CEO of

This FREE online web service is user-friendly and (we have to admit) it’s kinda fun!  For those who fear balancing checkbooks…you’ll love MINT and so will your future household budget.

Enjoy this article for Newlyweds…and learn more about how MINT can help you, your money, and your marriage… Four Steps for Responsible Budget Management for Newlyweds


Picture of the Week! October 5, 2008

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It makes your heart swell when a new baby is brought into the world.  We are so incredibly happy for Matt + Angie + (toddler) Maddox for their newest joy to the world: PAISLEY!  Congratulations Sloan Family…you have done yet another beautiful thing and we are delighted to know you in this world!  CHEERS!



Honeymoon Alert #1! October 4, 2008

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What do Vera Wang and Maserati have in common?  The ultimate (maybe one of the most expensive) honeymoon experiences.  On the Island of Honolulu, Hawaii hides a luxury resort that offers custom designed Vera Wang honeymoon suites.  There is no detail left undone…and every detail that is imagined is stamped by Vera Wang.


When you arrive in your room the details continue every step of the way…imagine the possibilities:
-Selection of Vera Wang Fragrances, Body Lotion and Powder
-Welcome gift of French Champagne and Amuses Bouche
-Signature cocktail menu, designed by Dale DeGroff & Vera Wang
-“Vera’s Favorites” inspired movie library
-In-bed, ‘Diamond Head Breakfast’ EXPERIENCE (what is that???…must try it!!!)
-Fine dining 24 Hour room service en-suite or on the OCEAN FRONT PRIVATE LANAI….oh…and it’s all served on exclusive Vera Wang China and tableware
-Custom “Everything For You” VIP Passes to the Islands most sought after cultural arts venues

Oh, Vera…you shouldn’t have 😉


For this truly luxe experience guests of the Vera Wang Suite at the Halekulani Hotel are chauffuerred to and from the airport by private limousine.  If a limo is too slow for you and your honey you can rent your wheels from the “elite fleet” of luxury cars available on site…like the Maserati “Spyder”…much faster! <d>

Oh, Vera…Thank You! xoxo


No Head Table! October 3, 2008

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We dig her style and thought we’d share some blog love with Stacie Tamaki of “Flirty Bride” .  Stacie shares with us truly fun and innovative ideas that are simply sweet and worth considering.  Her website is ADORABLE…This idea of NO HEAD TABLE is precious…and truly thoughtful of the Bride and Groom…KUDOS!!! and thanks for letting us share!!! 


No Head Table Wedding Seating Chart

With only 2 attendants for each of us we felt it would be kind of silly to have a head table with only 6 people at it.Instead we tried out what I believe is a truly original and flirty idea.Rather then walk from table to table standing and chatting with our guests, we opted instead to create a seating chart where we seated 8 guests at each table and added 2 additional chairs at each table so that we could actually sit and dine with our guests at their tables.
We did the math and set the timer on John’s iPhone and spent a quality 7 minutes at each table during the dinner hour. At the end of each 7 minutes we picked up our plates and moved to the next table.We began at the back of the room at table 9 and went in reverse numerical order ending up at table 1 nearest the podium for the toasts that followed the dinner hour.I have to say I think this may have been the favorite part of the wedding for many of our guests. At least that’s what a lot of them said.  



How Will You Walk Down The Aisle? October 2, 2008

Inspirador is known for it’s “Aisle of Poetry” and so many brides have resonated with this unique trip down the aisle.  No matter where you decide to take the stroll take the time to do it in memorable ways.  We often look at ideas or inspirations to push the boundaries and often they aren’t necessarily “pratical” ideas…but they are often “intriguing”…hmmm

So…friends in Brussels told us that every two years a large festival takes place at the Grand-Place where an oversized interpretation of a classic carpet design is recreated using nothing but simple begonias. Well you certainly wouldn’t want to walk on it and the flower girl’s role would have to be upgraded…so we’ll leave this one as simply intriguing…for now 😉



It’s Not Just A Ring October 1, 2008

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When we found a not-so-far-away custom jeweler who not only does award winning jewelry designs but also does it in a thoughtful and worldly manor…we just had to blog about them!  KRIKAWA is a small family business run by the husband and wife team of John and Lisa Krikawa. Lisa is a professional jewelry designer and master goldsmith.  They specialize in custom wedding bands, engagement rings, and wedding sets.  Visionaries in the Sonoran Dessert….ahhhh….we love it!

The cocktail ring below is an example of their award winning work.  We know that the the idea of custom wedding sets may seem a bit luxurious…but it is truly practical when you consider the signifigance and meaning of the wedding rings as symbols. 

In the KRIKAWA studio you’ll discover a special place where your imagination will be stirred as you collaborate with a team led by award-winning artist and jewelry designer Lisa Krikawa to co-create and customize your own original wedding set, band, or engagement ring.   

But truly why we think so highly of the team over at KRIKAWA is their attention to the world. 

“We love to bring beauty into the world, and foster this experience through social and environmentally aware practices. We promote conflict-free diamonds and fair trade sapphires.  As a member of ‘One Percent for the Planet’, 1% of our sales are donated to environmental and green organizations. In an ongoing effort to keep you abreast of current trends in the jewelry industry, we are devoting several pages to Fair Trade Jewelry and Eco-Friendly Practices in the industry.”