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No Head Table! October 3, 2008

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We dig her style and thought we’d share some blog love with Stacie Tamaki of “Flirty Bride” .  Stacie shares with us truly fun and innovative ideas that are simply sweet and worth considering.  Her website is ADORABLE…This idea of NO HEAD TABLE is precious…and truly thoughtful of the Bride and Groom…KUDOS!!! and thanks for letting us share!!! 


No Head Table Wedding Seating Chart

With only 2 attendants for each of us we felt it would be kind of silly to have a head table with only 6 people at it.Instead we tried out what I believe is a truly original and flirty idea.Rather then walk from table to table standing and chatting with our guests, we opted instead to create a seating chart where we seated 8 guests at each table and added 2 additional chairs at each table so that we could actually sit and dine with our guests at their tables.
We did the math and set the timer on John’s iPhone and spent a quality 7 minutes at each table during the dinner hour. At the end of each 7 minutes we picked up our plates and moved to the next table.We began at the back of the room at table 9 and went in reverse numerical order ending up at table 1 nearest the podium for the toasts that followed the dinner hour.I have to say I think this may have been the favorite part of the wedding for many of our guests. At least that’s what a lot of them said.  



One Response to “No Head Table!”

  1. flirtygirl Says:

    Thank you so much for visiting The Flirty Guide and for sharing our wedding idea! Today is our first anniversary (YAY) and both my hubby and I love that so many people are finding the idea of dining with all of their guests so much fun 😀

    Warmest regards,

    Stacie Tamaki

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