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Mint Anyone? October 9, 2008

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While we were blogging about luxurious and extravagant desires in the world last week…the economy continued to flop like a wet fish.  We also got to hear the word “Maverick” used over and over again…ahhh…to be a maverick <g>

It’s true we are experiencing historic impacts to our economy and perhaps a seemingly concerning time for our country.  We thought it might be nice to share a little reprieve from the negativity.  While we can’t control every moving part of our world economy we certainly can wrap our arms around our own “micro-economies”.  Hats off to our “maverick” of the day; Aaron Patzer, Founder and CEO of

This FREE online web service is user-friendly and (we have to admit) it’s kinda fun!  For those who fear balancing checkbooks…you’ll love MINT and so will your future household budget.

Enjoy this article for Newlyweds…and learn more about how MINT can help you, your money, and your marriage… Four Steps for Responsible Budget Management for Newlyweds


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