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2009 Wedding Trends January 3, 2009

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Well we were curious as to what was on the horizon for 2009 Wedding Trends.  While many of last year’s favorites remain lovely like eco-chic weddings and the gorgeous palette of chocolate and turquoise–while other trends simply repeat themselves.  Below are a few trends we thought we’d share for fun.  ENJOY!

GRAY::It’s predicted that gray (a.k.a. platinum, charcoal, new black) will be popular this year for weddings.  A beautiful neutral color that pairs well with purple & red and of course it’s gorgeous with turquoise/aqua.


Renting vs Buying is the way to go for 2009.  Everything from props, decor, to posh wedding accessories are available for rent.  A favorite spot to visit is .  Imagine enjoying a Vera Wang evening bag that retails for $6,295.00 when you can RENT for only $116.00.  That’s tempting!

vera wang

vera wang

Long gone are the days of stacking wedding guests in height order and asking them to stand still for the camera.  Today’s wedding memories are about capturing real moments and experiences.  The backdrop for urban wedding photography is gritty, true, and a textural glimpse into our surroundings.  Being located in a hip and historic downtown district we see some of the most creative and truly memorable engagement and wedding moments captured on film.  Who wants to see a boring wall in the background when there is so much life all around us.  It’s your wedding tell your story with style…hire the photography that can use the world as their studio.  Ask us who does it best…we’d be glad to share the love!



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