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LATITUDE 8 January 18, 2009

GUILTY! We can’t stop eating at LATITUDE 8!  It’s just a few steps from Inspirador which makes it difficult for us to break off our mad secret crush on everything LATITUDE 8  Voted “Best Of”–so many things in the valley’s top magazine’s and newspapers and we know why.  Scrumptious, FRESH, modern Thai cuisine that takes your taste buds for a RIDE!  Our hearts go out to Glenn & Lillett from LIGHTRAIN IMAGES and the lovely ladies at UPTOWN BRIDAL who reside on either side of LATITUDE 8.  They must be able to smell the amazing aromas all the time…savory scents just calling their names as they try to focus on photography and wedding gowns.  We just don’t know how they do it.


When we first moved into DoCha we would share our culinary love with wonderful restaurants like: SanTan Brewery, El Zocalo, Kokopelli, and La Stalla (just to name a few).  But now for some reason we can’t seem to make that simple detour away from Latitude 8.  We blame it on being too lazy to walk much further but it truly is becoming an unfortunate “cheating” on our other loves.  If you’re planning on attending the Docha Vida Bridal Walk on Thursday evening you’ll definitely want to check out this little gem in the heart of Downtown Chandler.

Cheers Latitude 8!


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  1. bchboy1 Says:

    please take me…oh puleeeeze take me

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