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What is Creativity? May 29, 2009

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steve nash

Well, NBA star Steve Nash recently got to experience it off the court.  He painted for the first time in his life on camera while being guided in “point zero” painting—a method in which one does not plan the painting but lets the brush go where it wants to go on the canvas. 

That’s not only creative…there is something very brave about doing something outside of our normal routine and experiencing new ideas.

btw…why was Steve Nash twittering about his 4 hour lunch with Carlos Santana recently? (Yes, that’s Carlos Santana music on the Inspirador website…LOVE IT!). The truth will be unveiled at Inspirador next Friday evening.   

Next creative question: Why is creativity important?


SERIOUSLY! May 27, 2009

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_MG_1558 It’s been a long busy while since we’ve last blogged!  Over the next several days and weeks we’ll be sharing some fun, interesting, CREATIVE and INSPIRING topics and happenings that are certainly worth getting to know us better.    CREATIVITY is our MANTRA for our next series of blogs and we’re not talking about creative ways to set a table, or creative ways to line up place card settings….NOPE! We’ll be pushing the boundries a bit with creativity and if our efforts happen to accidentally provide an incredible new way of setting a table…well then so be it!  For now…the question: WHAT IS CREATIVITY?