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When Creativity WORKS! June 15, 2009

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When creativity works…there is something very powerful that takes place.  Regardless of what you personally consider to be creative we hope that you will explore your own creative contributions in the world.  It is truly inspiring when people are willing to be POSITIVE and THOUGHTFUL about their intentions and how they express them.

We are so thrilled that 100% of the proceeds from the entire evening of the Art & Soul Event  benefitted FREE ARTS OF ARIZONA .  Free Arts of Arizona is a nonprofit organization that sparks the creative spirit of abused, homeless and at-risk children.  They are an incredible organization that shows us just one way that creativity can impact lives.  We were honored to be able to donate space to help support such a wonderful cause and introduce a few new ideas to some great guests.  While creativity is relative and some are more experienced at it than others it is the idea of allowing yourself to explore new ideas that matters.  Don’t let the “nay-sayers” of the world discourage your vision…everyone is creative in their own right and in their own way.   For more pictures of this event visit the wonderful photography of Kelvin:


The evening was simply filled with one creative element right after the next.  An artist reception, a movie premiere, a Giving Garden, a charitable cause, autographs, pictures, and a chance for each guest to MAKE THEIR MARK on the wall…INSPIRING! 

Inspirador Art&SOUL collage

The evening began with an artist reception for the artworks of Phyllis Lane and featured a hall exhibit of the works from the children at Free Arts of Arizona

Phyllis Art Exhibit

Meet the artist: Phyllis Lane and her creative FORCE Rodrigo Coehlo.  Phyllis’s works are graphic ink drawings on exhibit at Tryst Art Gallery through the summer.  Proceeds from these artworks are also being donated to Free Arts of Arizona.  GIVING is CREATIVE!

movie premiere during

Guest enjoyed the movie premiere of the short documentary film: “UNLEASHING CREATIVITY” co-directed by Phyllis Lane & Alejandra Nash.  The film is sure to inspire many to rethink creativity and how it impacts our lives and the lives of those around us.

steve&alejandra nash

The evening was kindly supported by Steve Nash and his wife Alejandra and guests who witnessed the film for the first time.

gorgeous people


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and of course the incredible CELEBRATION TEAM at INSPIRADOR for your hard work, dedication, and VISION!



“Unleashing Creativity” is a short documentary film directed by Phyllis Lane & Alejandra Nash (the wife of Phoenix Suns Steve Nash).  These visionary women have unraveled a simple concept into a thought-provoking, mind awakening short film that is certain to catch everyones attention.  If only for a moment, if only for a single transformation in one persons mind–this film will expose everyday people to a very intriguing concept.  Be among the first to witness what they captured on film as they traveled around the country meeting, interviewing, and exploring the potential of creativity and how it can transform and heal lives.  We invite you to participate in an evening of inspiration and creativity and explore for yourself what happens when you allow yourself to truly experience creativity.  No craft projects at this event <g>…this is all about thinking outside of our box and our comfort zones.  Be brave, Be ready, Be creative! The movie premiere takes place this Friday night at Inspirador (read an article about the event: )