Inspiring unique & creative ways of celebrating!


“Unleashing Creativity” is a short documentary film directed by Phyllis Lane & Alejandra Nash (the wife of Phoenix Suns Steve Nash).  These visionary women have unraveled a simple concept into a thought-provoking, mind awakening short film that is certain to catch everyones attention.  If only for a moment, if only for a single transformation in one persons mind–this film will expose everyday people to a very intriguing concept.  Be among the first to witness what they captured on film as they traveled around the country meeting, interviewing, and exploring the potential of creativity and how it can transform and heal lives.  We invite you to participate in an evening of inspiration and creativity and explore for yourself what happens when you allow yourself to truly experience creativity.  No craft projects at this event <g>…this is all about thinking outside of our box and our comfort zones.  Be brave, Be ready, Be creative! The movie premiere takes place this Friday night at Inspirador (read an article about the event: )



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