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From the Desk of Dan :: Selecting Wine for a Mixed Crowd April 29, 2010

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Dan is new to our team and brings a wealth of knowledge about wines. We’re so excited to introduce him as a member of The Celebration Team and are thankful to have him on board! I asked Dan to share a little information about wine selection so without further ado…

Although there are many varietals of wine it truly is not hard to select a couple of quality wines to accommodate a mixed crowd.  It is always best two offer two different options for white wines and two different options for red wines.  For white wine it is best to have something crisp with just a hint of sweetness, such as a Pinot Grigio or a semi-sweet Riesling.  As your second choice for white wines, Chardonnay’s are most common and most popular and it’s always easy to find. 

In the realm of red wines, avoid the big and bold.  Light and smooth red wines, such as a Merlot or a Pinot Noir, compliment many different foods and won’t leave a taste that mask the taste of your delicious catering.  Most importantly, get a couple of bottles of your favorite wine, hide them with the bartender for just you and your closest friends, after all it is your night and you deserve to enjoy it as well!